Don Tomei

Don Tomei serves in the position of Senior Pastor of Restoration Church, although he is quick to remind everyone that Jesus really is “running the show.” “I believe I am only the associate in charge. This may sound religious, but honestly, I find this lifts the burden from me and puts into practice the realization that the Lord is the One in control. Jesus is the true Pastor of Restoration Church.”

Don first came to Restoration Church in 1998 as Associate Pastor. He previously served for ten years as Youth Director and Singles Pastor at New Hope Ministries.
Don and his wife, Toni, are originally from Akron, Ohio, where he was a firefighter/paramedic and owner of a construction company. During this time, he was the Youth Director for his local church.

Pastor Don and Toni have ministered together for their entire 35 years of marriage and believe the strength of their union is one of the strengths of their ministry.

Don’s personal mission statement in life is simply this, “To love God, to do what’s right in the eyes of the Lord, and to give Him the glory.”